Thursday, January 14, 2010


Zulkifli Mantau 1 dan Feryanto W. Karo-Karo 2

1. Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian Sulawesi Utara
2. Departemen Agribisnis Fakultas Ekonomi & Manajemen Institut Pertanian Bogor

As a main producer of coconut’s world, the Indonesian coconut become a great business which started from inputs provided (seed, fertilizer, pesticide, etc.). Continued to production process, coconut processing (derivate product) and supporting activities (finance, irrigation, transportation, trade, etc.). The objectives of this research are: 1) to analyse the factors that influence the coconut production and earnings, 2) to formulating the national policy to improve a coconut agribusiness in Indonesia based on some improvement scenarios. The expected outputs are: 1) the model of coconut agribusiness improvement in Indonesia, 2) the national policy of coconut agribusiness improvement. The method use two least squares (2 SLS) method with built based on coconut agribusiness model (two identity equation and four structural equation). The results can be shown that a coconut production have a positive relationship between size of planting area and coconut’s national earnings but have a negative relationship between the amount of coconut tree population and the price of coconut fruit. The estimation result of kopra national production shown that there’s a good expected estimation of a whole estimation sign of explanatory variable. The estimation result of coconut oil production shown that there’s a unexpected estimation of a whole estimation sign of explanatory variable, especially in kopra production variable and coconut oil demand. The estimation result of coconut oil price shown that the decreasing of national export price of coconut oil will be increase the domestic price of kopra.

Keywords: Coconut, Production, Earnings.

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